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Exotic Bird Rescue was founded in December 1994 due to a local parrot aviary neglect situation. At the time of this discovery there was not an organized group of people in the area that could help remove these birds and place them in a safe environment.

A local bird club, the Emerald  stepped up to take responsibility for the rescue and placement of the endangered avian community. Emerald Exotic Bird Society disbanded in the late 90’s and Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon was established to carry on the work. EBR of Oregon received its 501 (c) 3 non-profit status in August of 2000.


Our Mission:

The mission of EBR is provide a safe haven for birds in need and to seek proper placement of them through  a variety of proven rescue models.
Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is dedicated to providing ongoing information and education in the best practices of proper avian care and behavioral training to current and potential exotic bird owners.
Our Objectives:

  • To take in unwanted, abandoned, injured or lost exotic birds.
  • To provide medical care and safe housing for rescued exotic birds.
  • To provide suitable foster homes for rescued birds until adopted.
  • To reunite lost birds with their owners whenever possible.
  • To provide owners the necessary training and skills to keep their companion bird in their home.
  • To provide ongoing information and education in proper avian care and behavior to current and potential exotic bird owners.

A few notes:

Exotic Bird Rescue does not operate a facility. It is our belief that the interests of the birds we take in are best suited in a foster home program, therefore the birds are all quarantined and housed in personal homes throughout the area and treated as members of the family. All of the foster homes and staff of this organization are volunteers working out of their homes. They pay their own gas when transporting for us and pay all their own personal expenses. Some are home and some work full time at a regular job. They do this because they are passionate about what they do, not because they receive perks or benefits- they don't. Please keep this in mind when contacting our organization.

The word "rescue" is misleading as to what we do. Most of our birds are not "rescued," but are placed with us voluntarily by their owners who more often than not, loved and cared for them to the best of their ability.

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