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Exotic Bird Rescue's Senior and Disabled Companion program is made up of small birds that are relinquished to rescue and are not generally handleable. These birds are placed in large flight cages and housed mostly in group living situations such as retirement and assisted living facilities throughout the area although some are placed in homes with individuals. This is viewed as a mostly permanent situation and the birds will likely remain there throughout their lives. Once placed, these birds are not available for adoption. Exotic Bird Rescue provides all supplies and food as well as veterinary care for the birds in this program throughout their lifetimes. You must be a senior or have a documented disability to participate in this program. Currently we have over 40 birds in this program.

Supporting these birds throughout their lifetime can be a costly venture. But the benefits are worth it. Research has shown many mental health benefits to persons who care for and get enjoyment from the presence of animals. In addition, these are birds that may never have a home otherwise because they are unable to be handled. Many facilities would euthanize them. We think this is the best for all concerned.

If you would like to sponsor the birds at a facility or if you would like more information about the program, please call the Senior/Disabled Companion Program Coordinator from the Contact Us page. Connect to that page through the menu to your left or through the link on the bottom right of this page.


Initial Set-up:

Cage and Stand- $90
Supplies (perches, dishes, toys)- $50
Small Travel Cage (for emergencies/vet trips)- $20
Food (one bag each of pellets and seed-lasts one month) - $20

Yearly Maintenance:

Food (at $20 month)- $240
Misc. supplies (replace perches/toys)- $50
Veterinary Care (annual vet exam at $112 per bird)

Parakeets are usually kept in groups of 4-8, canaries in groups of two, cockatiels, lovebirds and finches in groups of 2-6. Total vet expenses for a basic physical and fecal gramstain (not including any other treatments or emergency care) depending on number of birds in cage can range from $224-896 a year.

If you are interested in sponsoring either the set up or yearly maintenance or both of a cage of birds, please contact our Senior/Disabled Companion Program Coordinator from the Contact Us page. Connect to that page through the link to your right.




Applications and information to be a SDCP home are available by making an appointment with our Senior/ Disabled Companion Program Coordinator from the Contact Us Page. Connect to that page by clicking on the link below. You must live in the Eugene/ Springfield, Junction City, Veneta/Elmira or Cottage Grove areas.

Click here to go to the Contact Us Page for the phone number of our Senior/ Disabled Companion Program Coordinator.

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