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Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon's mission is to provide a safe haven for birds in need and to seek proper placement of them through a variety of proven rescue models; to provide potential and current bird owners with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and care for a companion bird and the commitment required. EBR does this through a number of ways:

1. Bird care and behavior classes open to the public and required for those who wish to become a foster home or adopt from our organization. Classes are free and no pre-registration is required. They are held in the Eugene/Springfield and Portland/Tigard area. Bird care class schedules can be found on the Calendar page.

2. Foster Homes, members and others from the general public have access to periodic training sessions. The sessions are open to all interested and provides ongoing training on a host of issues such as avian anatomy or grooming. Sometimes we will prepare a lecture, sometimes there will be a speaker and sometimes we will have a video or open discussion. This is free training. You can find a schedule of any upcoming Training Sessions on the Calendar page.

3. There is a training packet for new foster homes. They receive training on issues only foster homes deal with like potential adopters in the home visiting birds, etc. Your foster home coordinator will get this packet to you when you sign up as a foster home.

4. Exotic Bird Rescue has a lending library with wonderful titles available for checkout to its members. Check out is for a month at a time. Renew as needed. There is no charge to use this program. You can find a list of titles on the Members Only page. Contact us from the Contact Us Page to find out how to check out a copy.

5. Exotic Bird Rescue offers educational presentations on bird care and behavior to schools throughout the Eugene/Springfield and other areas. There is no charge for this service. Call us to find out more information.

6. Exotic Bird Rescue offers educational presentations to pet stores. The purpose of this is to offer training to staff who deal with birds on a regular basis so that they can then pass on that knowledge to those who purchase birds there and in the meantime provide an enriching and healthy life for those avian friends in their stores. There is no charge for this program. Call us to find out more information.

7. Throughout the year Exotic Bird Rescue will provide seminars, lectures and workshops featuring professionals in the avian community on a number of topics. There will be a charge for attendance to these events but members of Exotic Bird Rescue will receive a discounted registration charge. Watch our home page and the newsletter as well as the Calendar for announcements about upcoming events.

8. Exotic Bird Rescue will speak to your parrot club or other parrot related organization regarding our services and programs as well as presentations on a variety of avian care and behavioral topics. Call us for more information.

9. Exotic Bird Rescue provides networking opportunities through social events like our winter potluck for members, coffee chats and other events during which you can meet with and share ideas with other bird lovers. Check our calendar of events for upcoming opportunities.

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