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Free Lost and Found listings on the web.  Ads are placed in chronological order with the most recent ones listed at the top. Ads are deleted after a period of time. Here's to hoping this page is always empty!

EBR has a number of found birds. Please email us or call us to see if we may have your bird. Click on the link below to be connected to the Contact Us page.

Contact Us:

Web sites listing lost and found parrots!

Found 07/20/2015
Found Goffins Cockatoo near 34th and Olympic St. in Hillsboro.
Email for more information.

Lost: Meyers parrot 9-9-2014
Portland Oregon

Lost: Cockatiel

07-29-2014 Tigard, Oregon



LOST 2014-06-16

Gresham, Oregon, OR, US

Full Report Details:


FOUND: Cockatiel 07-07-2014

Gresham, Oregon, OR, US

Full Report Details:



Lost: Senegal parrot Serena in the Fall Creek Oregon area.
She is about 3 years old, says Pretty Bird and Hello but not very clearly and makes lots of clicking sounds which are her favorite.
If found please contact Kris 541-285-7184

Found: Amazon in Eugene.


Contact EBR at

or the Eugene 1st Ave Street Shelter.(541) 844-1777 

Be prepared to describe and provide pictures to prove ownership. 



Lost Cockatiel
My little sunshine she is a lutino cockatiel she got out on Sunday March 23 I miss her badly she was flying toward pier park in st. John's north Portland. if found please

Last seen near FRY's electronics store in 
Wilsonville or. He is very tame and missed dearly
PLEASE contact Merrill @(425) 218 9482 or


Found: Cherry Headed Conure
southwest Eugene on Taylor street.
Contact if you think this might be your bird.

Lost Conure: Newberg Oregon




Lost Regent parrot. Salem/Keizer area
I have a lost regent parrot named Sammy. I live in the Salem keizer area. He is very friendly and whistles and dances to a lot of different tunes like Andy Griffith. He flew out last night and we can't find him :( I really need help he is a part of the family and I am devastated. If found please contact

Lost parakeet Portland Or.



Keep an eye out for a lost amazon in the Bull mountain area near Tigard Or. If found or spotted please contact Butch Z. (503) 729-3981 or (503) 524-4433 Info below...Our beloved pet bird – KOBI, an amazon parrot, accidentally got out of his cage last Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013. The squirrels were able to unlock his cage. Kobi is about 15 yrs old (still very young) and talks a lot. We got him when he was still a baby. He’s about 10-12 inches long and predominantly green with some yellow in his head and red stripe on his wings. His wings are clipped and can only manage to glide for a very short distance. He can’t sustain a flight. We live in the Bull mountain area and our backyard is forested. We are still highly hoping that Kobi is just out there…and in good hands.

FOUND Conure: Hazel Dell South, Washington, WA


Full Report Details:


LOST: SENEGAL Portland, Oregon


Message we received about a found Cockatoo
I volunteer for FOTAS (friends of the animal shelter) at JACKSON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER in Phoenix OR.   
We had a well cared for cockatoo dropped off here today by a man who had seen it in a tree for the last couple of weeks.  He could not catch, but finally put a wire dog crate on the ground and the bird walked right in (this was in Central Point Oregon). 
Bird looks to be in good condition.  I thought perhaps someone is trying to find it and may have contacted you. 
Please have anyone looking for the bird contact JACKSON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER @541-774-6654  Mon-Fri 11AM - 4PM or Sat 12 noon to 4PM. 
FOTAS volunteer

FOUND: Conure - East Renton Highlands, Washington, WA, US


LOST  Conure, Sherwood, Oregon, OR, US


Found: Parakeet (budgie) Portland Or.

Lost Cockatiel Troutdale, Oregon, OR


Lost: Senegal Troutdale Or.
We lost our beloved Senegal Parrot July 30th, "Tiki", as she flew from our home in Troutdale, Oregon. She was last seen flying into the Fuji berry field in Troutdale, near the Troutdale Dairy Queen and Mt. Hood Community College. She is friendly and will step up. She's green, with yellow belly and a grey head. Please help us bring our bird home! Reward offered. Call 503-880-0196 or 503-666-8062 and ask for Tim or Sarah.



Lost: Conure - Kirkland, Wa.


Lost: Cockatiel - Canby Or.

Found: Parakeet - Aloha Or.

Found: Cockatiel Portland Or.

Found: Amazon Beaverton Or.

Found: Quaker Vancouver Wa.
Lost: African Grey Everett Wa.
Lost May 5th Cornelius Or.
My little Indian Ringneck is lost.
He is a sweet boy and I would love him back.
He just flew off today Sunday, May 5th about 1pm
This is in Cornelius Oregon near the Police dept/Firedept.
Please contact Cari 971-285-6508 or Jerry 503-703-4604 if found.
His name is Jasper, he is very tame and doesn't bite.
He is green with a a black ring around his neck and a bright Orange beak.
The photo is his baby picture, he now is all grown up and has a black ring around his neck.
Lost 4-2-13
Lost Pied Cockatiel named "Whistler" in Tualatin. Whistler provides much needed company & companionship to a Vietnam vet. His owner and cage mate miss him. Reward offered for his return. Please contact Ted at 971-238-2141.
Lost Cockatiel 04-04-13
Lost cockatiel "Sky" Last seen in George Rogers Park , Lake Oswego area. Sky is friendly, likes to sit on shoulders and can say "Sky" or "Hello Sky". Please contact 503-475-9907 or email

Things to try if you lose or catch sight of a bird:

1. Put the bird's cage or a familiar item outside where the bird can see it. Put a treat or favorite toy nearby so the bird may have incentive to come down. Remember this is a foreign environment and your bird may be disoriented and scared.

2. If your bird has a buddy, place that bird outside (safely locked in its cage). This may also be incentive for your bird to come down.

3. If your bird has a favorite song or a toy that makes noise, play away. Maybe your bird will want to come down and join you.

4. If you can see your bird, call a local tree climber who may be able to assist you in getting your bird down. If you have lost sight of your bird, place an ad in the paper, post fliers and post an ad with your local parrot rescue organization.

5. If you get your bird back, take it immediately to your vet or qualified avian groomer to have its wings safely trimmed. You can also harness train your bird. Having your bird microchipped by your avian veterinarian may help find its rightful owners in the event it falls into someone else's hands.

What to do if you find an injured, sick or lost, domesticated or native bird:

Exotic Bird Rescue does not rescue native (hawks, sparrows, etc.) or domesticated (emus, peacocks, ducks, etc.) birds. If you have found an injured, sick or lost native or domesticated bird, please try one or more of the following (you may also call EBR for a referral):

Wildlife Home Care Network
Eugene and surrounding areas
(541) 935-4208 or (541) 342-0099 pager

Cascades Raptor Center
Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 485-1320

Contact your local Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Contact your local Animal Regulation or Humane Society.

If not local, search online for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups in your area.


Copyright 2005 Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon