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Members: If you would like to submit pics of you and your birds to have featured in our photo gallery or you would just like to send us an update about your feathered friends, please do so! Email them to the address below or send them to Exotic Bird Rescue, PO Box 14863 Portland, OR 97293

Email your pic/ updates here.

EBR Library Listing

The Beak Book by Sally Blanchard 2002

Birds for Dummies by Gina Spadafori and Brian L. Speer, DVM 1999

A Basic Book of Canaries Look-and-Learn by Linda A. Lindner 1994

Birds on the Couch by Ruth Hanessian 1998

Lovebirds as a New Pet by Oliver Denton 1990

Cockatiels A Complete Pet Owner Manual by Annette Wolter 1990

Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior by Mattie Sue Athan 1999 (2 copies)

Canaries A Complete Pet Owner Manual by Otto von Frisch 1990

Simon & Schuster Guide to Pet Birds by Matthew M. Vriends 1984

The Lovebird Handbook by Vera Appleyard 2001

Parrots A Complete Pet Owner Manual by Annette Wolter 1991

Handbook of Avian Articles by Liz Wilson CVT (2 copies) 2000

African Grey Parrots as a Hobby by Helmut Pinter 1995

The New Finch Handbook by Christa Koepff 1983

The Ultimate Parrot by Barrett Wilson and Mike Hurley 2000

Parrots of the World by Joseph M. Forshaw 1977

Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot by Mattie Sue Athan 1999

Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot Second Edition (2) by Mattie Sue Athan 1993

The Cockatiel Handbook by Matthew M. Vriends 1999

For the Love of Greys by Bobbi Brinker 2001

Wild Treats Cookbook by Roni Sparks

The Budgie by Julie Rach 1997

The Parrot Who Owns Me by Joanna Burger 2001

The Human Nature of Birds by Theodore Xenophon Barber, PH.D 1993

Feeding Your Pet Bird by Petra M. Burgmann, DVM 1993

Parrot Training: A Guide to Taming and Gentling your Avian Companion by Bonnie Munro Doane 2001

Eclectus, Greys and More by Carolyn Swicegood and Bobbi Brinker ?

How to Start and Maintain a Successful Parrot Rescue Organization by Bonnie Kenk ?

Can You Speak Parrot? A Guide to Parrot Body Language Book One by Joanie Doss 1993

Can You Speak Parrot Two? A Guide to Parrot Body Language Book 2 by Joanie Doss 2004

Manual of Ornithology: Avian Structure and Function by Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch 1993

Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in Companion Parrots! By Barbara Heidenreich 2004

The Parrot Problem Solver: Finding Solutions to Aggressive Behavior by Barbara Heidenreich 2005

The African Grey Parrot Handbook by Mattie Sue Athan and Dianalee Deter 2000

The Cockatiel by Julie Rach 1997

A Complete Pet Owner's Manual: African Grey Parrots by Maggie Wright 2001

A Complete Pet Owner's Manual: Lovebirds by Matthew M. Vriends, Ph.D. 1995

An Owner’s Guide to the Quaker Parrot by Pamela Leis Higdon 1998

Natural Health Care for your Bird by Bernard Dorenkamp 1998

An Owner's Guide to the African Grey by Julie Rach 1998

Exotic Birds: A Pocket Companion 1998

Conures: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual 1992

Current editions available of these various magazines/ quarterlies:

Good Bird Magazine

Old editions available of these various magazines/quarterlies:

Companion Parrot Quarterly/ Pet Bird Report
The Original Flying Machine
Bird Talk

These DVD are available:

Go Bird: Bird Sitter DVD: The Video Birds Love to Watch

These VHS are available:

Pamela Clark Biting and Screaming Seminar 6/25/05

Joanie Doss Amazon Seminar 7/16/05

Barbara Heidenreich Behavior Seminar 8/18/05


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