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These donors donated money to help special needs birds.

Brett and Sherry Honza
Cathy Herring
Patsy Hand
Chris Page
Maureen Kepros
Ms. Harner Star
Carol Campbell
Anonymous Donation
Jacqueline M. Schlaf and Christi A. Cocks
Gordon and Martiese Orloff
Sandra and Richard Wiese
Tom and Stephanie Connor
Michelle Novak
Susan and Don Tucker
Barbara Ann Bryan Living Trust and Trustee
Ricky and Karen Wilson
Mary Hiatt
Kim M. Dereszynski
Patricia and Robert Miller
Joanne L. Johnson-Nagel
Jill M. Mills
Suzanne Cieutat
Emily Katina May
Patricia F. Swart
Helen Gernon
Yvonne Parkinson
Rodney and Becky Slade
Frances P. Cooper
Christine M. Mahoney
John and Elizabeth Strehl
Katrina A. Amacher
Diana Brandt
Roni Sparks
Kathie Bruscia
Richard and Leslie Rohr
Ruth Soeder
Donna Wilson
Susan Smith and Alan Zelenka
Daniel and Sheila Miller
Steve and Joanna Nasset
Patricia Kenney
Peter Ruffier
Ann T. Earl
Pam C. Berrian
Diana and Royal Anderson
Jeanmarie Purcell
Helen Brazzel and Charles Peck
Pamela S. Lane
Chey Sacher
Dennis and Carol Murray
Ruth and Loren Albrecht
Joe Lowry
Cory and Paula Miller
Donald Herman
Janis C. Weeks
Shannon and Robert Trivelpiece
James Lemieux and Sheila Wallace
Anna Lou Case
Toni Kay Brown
Shannon Lee Katterle
Wilson and Renate Mackenzie
Amelia Silverberg
Ruthe L. Minor
Tony Herrig and Weny Fries
Robert Waldman
June Shamel
Maureen Barrows
Pamela Andresen
Fay L. McClain
Tasuku Higa
Tracey and Jason Brown
Cathy Herring
Doug and Diana Bastron
Jennifer and Kent Peterson
Carla and Lloyd Williams
Patricia M. Kortekaas
Alecia Foster
Claude and Marian Trope
Katherine Hostetter
Liz and Tim Van Ert
James and Christel Black
Betty and Randy Reilly
Jim Cadwell
Daniel Radovich


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