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Louise, Pied Cockatiel ($35)


Louise is the life of the bird room! She chatters and sings, trying to coax the other birds into singing in unison. Her mate recently passed, she was very lonely at first. But then she learned that we were there to give her as much love and affection and she needed. The moment we walk into the room her little chatters immediately start up, she has a beautiful little voice that has a resonating tune to it.

She has some of the silliest quirks. When she's interested in what you have to say she tilts her head sideways, or flings herself downward and tilts her head back to watch you. She is quite the acrobat! She adores being talked to and whistled at. She must either think we sound amazing, or absolutely terrible, because every time we sing or whistle to her she throws her head back and sings even louder. She knows she has a beautiful voice and definitely uses it to lure us into giving her attention!

She enjoys bouncing around on a spring shaped rope in her cage, tearing apart paper and coconut fiber, and picking at shiny bells/large shiny beads. She loves some bling just as much as the next girl does!

  She has always been a very excellent eater. As with most birds it seems like she's always more interested in being on your shoulder and trying to steal bites of your dinner than what you offer in her bowl. She's always been very good about her pellets and doesn't seem to over eat her seed. She likes to maintain her trim little waistline with her acrobatic exercises. When her wings grow out she can be very mischievous. She loves exploring the house under close supervision. Her favorite spot is clinging upside down to the curtains.

Check out video of Thelma & Louise.


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