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Ruffles, 12 year old
Severe Macaw
Adoption Fee $650


Ruffles was fortunate to have an owner that loved her. She did not bond with other members of the family. Sadly, her owner passed away unexpectedly leaving Ruffles very sad and confused.
Family members cared for Ruffles and tried to form a bond with her. Ruffles disliked everyone except one young man. He spent a year caring for Ruffles before he could handle her without getting bit. Ruffles stayed with the family for many years until the young man left home to join the military.


That is when Ruffles moved into her foster home and began the search for a new forever home.
Her foster parents have learned a lot about Ruffles since she joined EBR. She is incredibly fearful around women but loves men. Ruffles loves to cuddle and be pet by her foster dad but will not let her foster mom pet her. She can also be very protective of her foster dad when women are near. Ruffles is full of attitude and opinions and that is why we love her.


This beautiful bird is waiting for the perfect man to take her home. Ruffles is looking for a family that will give her plenty of attention and love. A family that has patience to help her learn and grow. Ruffles is looking for someone to help her overcome her fears and love her for the wonderful bird she is.
We would prefer to adopt Ruffles to someone experienced with large birds.


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