Meet Nanny

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Nanny, Nanday Conure
Adoption Fee $300

Nanny is a beautiful Nanday Conure and is about 6 years old. We are not sure of her gender but we like to refer to Nanny as a girl because of her sweet nature. This little bird can be as loud as any 3 birds on occasion but is usually calm and quiet. She can be very cuddly and loves to give kisses. She also enjoys grooming her favorite person.



Nanny had a run in with a much larger bird in her previous home that damaged both of her wings. As a result, she has limited range of motion and can not fly. She also has a bald patch on her chest that we believe is the result of a past crop infection.  She is happy and healthy now and gets around just fine despite her disability.




This little bird has a sweet disposition and a calm nature. Don’t let her inability to fly fool you, she gets around just fine. This little conure is going to be a ray of sunshine in her perfect forever home!



 Adoption Fee $300


When taking photos of birds out of doors precautions need to be taken to ensure they do not fly away.  Even birds whose wings are trimmed can take flight.

Check out video of Nanny!


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