Meet Al & Gary

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Al, Black Capped Conure
Gary,Yellow Wing Conure
Adoption Fee $200 for both



Al was born in 2003 and has been DNA’d as male. He’s a playful bird and loves to play under a towel laid on top of his cage. Cardboard tubes and newspaper make the perfect playground for Al  to enjoy. Al is a little bit of an escape artist and occasionally like to explore outside his cage. He loves splashing around and bathing in a dish of water. After a long day of fun, Al loves to snuggle up inside his fuzzy tent to sleep.



Gary is a beautiful bird and loves to have fun. He loves to burrow in shredded newspaper and climb all around his cage. Gary loves to play hide and go seek in his shredded newspaper with Al. A dish of water makes the perfect place to bath and splash around.  After a day of fun, Gary also likes to sleep in his favorite fuzzy felt tent.

Al & Gary are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.  These two cute birds are always together and make a perfect pair. They are both excellent eaters and love all kinds of fresh healthy foods. These two love to have fun and can stir up a lot of racket together. These boys are a little shy and can be fearful of hands.  Al & Gary are comical and will be a pure joy for someone with the time to work with them.
Adoption Fee $200 for both



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