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22 yr old male
Citron Cockatoo
Adoption Fee $500


Say hello to Static. Static has been with rescue since 2010 and is patiently waiting for his perfect forever home. This handsome guy is full of life and craves nothing more than your love and attention. Static is a very happy healthy cockatoo that loves to play.

Static is a great bird that is just bursting with energy. He loves to be pet and always wants to be the center of attention. He is happiest when included in all family activities. Static enjoys perching on your arm or lap while playing with his favorite foot toys. When given the chance, he will follow you around the house to make sure you don't miss a minute with him.


 Static eats a healthy diet of quality pellets, vegetables and fruit. He likes to be included in family meals and try a bite of your dinner. Foraging for food is always fun and keeps this smart guy entertained. Favorite foraging includes tearing apart small pumpkins, destroying artichokes, crunching corn on the cob or taking apart his buffet ball filled with goodies. His favorite foods include Nutri-Berries, cucumber slices, toast, spaghetti and of course, cheese.

Static prefers to be fully flighted and will fly around the house when given the opportunity. He will often fly from his cage to the sofa to be with his favorite person. Static is even learning to wear a harness so he can have outdoor fun with his family.


Static loves to be clean and really enjoys a soaking shower a few times a week. He love to play in the water and will happily take a long shower with you. After a refreshing bath, Static loves a good preening to help keep him beautiful.

Static is a very smart and energetic cockatoo. Like all cockatoos, he can get noisy if he's bored or lonely.  Static needs to have his mind challenged and entertained to keep him happy. A variety of puzzle toys, shredding toys, foot toys and foraging opportunities are a must. Introducing new toys regularly helps keep this sweet bird happy.

Static is very high energy and can be noisy at times. Static does best with a daily routine and continued training to help reinforce good behavior. His ideal family should have plenty of time, patience and energy to offer him. Static would prefer a home with older children and not too many other pets.


Statics Adoption Fee $500 - We would prefer to adopt Static to someone experienced with large birds.

Check out more pictures and video of Static below...







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