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Ruby, 7 years old
Female Eclectus
This beautiful girl has had a hard life. Ruby spent the first 6 months of her life with no loving human contact. Her breeder did little more than feed her until she was finally purchased by a nice family.
Ruby finally had people that loved and cared for her for the first time. She was semi-tame due to the lack of love and human contact in her life but Ruby slowly started to trust and love her new family.
Sadly, over the years, her family became busy with work and travel. Ruby was left alone for longer and longer periods of time. The love and trust that she had with her family slowly went away. Ruby became scared of all humans and preferred to stay in the comfort and safety her cage. Ruby was finally relinquished to EBR and her new life has begun. With the help of her foster parents, she is learning to love and trust people again.
Ruby joined her current foster family in April of 2011. She shows remarkable progress every day. Her foster parents are always amazed at her desire to love and learn. Ruby is learning to step-up and to play with toys. She currently enjoys the company of 5 other flock mates and exploring outside of her cage. She gets plenty of love and attention from her foster parents and is learning to love every minute of it.
When Ruby came to EBR she was suffering from food allergies that caused itchy skin, a runny nose and toe-tapping. Now she enjoys fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and rice daily with a small amount of seed. She no longer suffers from toe-tapping and the runny nose has cleared up.
Ruby is still feather challenged and continues to pluck her feathers. She enjoys regular baths and soothing aloe mist to keep her skin soft and healthy. Ruby also has a small wardrobe of vests to keep her warm and to deter plucking. We are hopeful that she will one day be fully feathered.
Despite still plucking her feathers, her feather condition has improved drastically. The feathers missing around her nares and eyes had completely grown back. Her wing and tail feathers are shiny and vibrant. Her color has improved and she is just beautiful.


This beautiful girl is patiently waiting for her perfect forever home. A home willing to prepare her healthy daily meals, give her plenty of showers and change her vests. Ruby is looking for a calm and quiet home to call her own. She is waiting for a family with patience that is willing to accept her and love her for the wonderful girl she is. 
Adoption Fee $400

*Ruby does have some special dietary needs and requires a natural diet. She does not eat pellets or fortified seed mix. She should not be given any foods that are enriched with added vitamins such as pastas, breads and cereals. These foods cause her a variety of issues including difficulty breathing, itchy skin and toe-tapping. Ruby eats a mash of fresh veggies, fruit, rice and beans twice daily. She enjoys a dry mix of grains, seeds, unsulfered dehydrated fruit and vegetables during the day.
Ruby is very sensitive to dust/feather dust and benefits from a quality air purifier near her cage.

Check out video of Ruby!

Ruby loves all her new toys! Thank you Sally!!!
Ruby loves her new toys, Thank You Sally!
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