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Nanday Conure, 12 years old
Adoption fee $300-Adoption Pending


Zeke's foster home wrote this about him...
Zeke is tame and not very vocal and I only hear him if his breakfast hasn't arrived or it is time for bed. Even then he is not particularly loud. I think he is so delighted that he now regular meals and his favorite bell -- something he was lacking in his previous home. His initial vet visit said he was underweight and not in very good health and I do need to take him back in for a 2nd look but he has gained weight, is happy, and I see absolutely no sign of poor health. All he was being fed was black sunflower seeds but the first time I put the grains, veggies, and fruit dish in his cage you could tell he thought he was in heaven. He is a great fresh food eater and hardly touches his seed and pellet dish.

Adoption Fee $300
Video of Zeke coming soon!


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