Meet Trapper & Hyme

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Hyme & Trapper have been adopted!
Congratulations on your new home!!
Hyme, 35 years old, Double Yellow-Headed Amazon
Trapper, 35 years old, Blue-Fronted Amazon


Hyme and Trapper are a beautiful pair of Amazons. Both are around 35 years old, extremely good eaters and do require grains, fresh fruits and veggies daily -- and have no qualms about letting you know when breakfast or evening treats are late.
Although they came to rescue separately, Hyme & Trapper have became great friends and love to do "walk-abouts" together. Hyme and Trapper spend most of the day playing together and preening each other. They are a delightful pair!
Hyme is very good about stepping up when asked and will occassionally climb down from his cage to sit with you. Hyme is very comfortable with women while Trapper tends to prefer the company of men.
Both birds like to talk and with encouragement and the right environment would make great companion birds. Both are healthy and do not pluck. 


Check out video of Hyme & Trapper!


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