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Blue and Gold Macaw
Adoption Fee $500-Adoption Pending


Kinaoa is a gorgeous Blue and Gold Macaw. This guy had a good life with a loving owner. Sadly, his owner suffered an accident that made it very difficult to care for Kinaoa. Kinaoa began to develop some mild feather picking and spent more and more time inside his cage. Despite his owners best efforts, caring for Kinaoa  proved to be too difficult .


Kinaoa joined his new foster home in January 2012. Kinaoa came to EBR a little thin and fearful but he’s begun his journey to a healthy happy new home. He is slowly learning to enjoy the company of other birds. He’s discovered that he loves fruit and veggies and enjoys them daily. He is getting plenty of baths and toys to play with.  He is still a little more comfortable staying inside his cage, but with time we are confident he will come out and play more often.
Kinaoa is a sweet and beautiful bird. He’s very active and fast moving. He likes to say a few things but especially likes to say “Wazzzzz  Uppppp!!!”He can be a little fearful or shy at times but opens up once he gets to know you. Kinaoa seems to prefer men but may change his mind if he meets the right lady.


Kinaoa is waiting for that perfect family to take him home. He is an active and playful bird. Kinaoa is looking for a family that has lots of love and attention to give him. A family that will love him for the wonderful guy he is!
Adoption Fee $500 - We would prefer to adopt Kinaoa to someone experienced with large birds.

Check out video of Kinaoa!


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