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Merlin, Goffins Cockatoo
Adoption Fee $350



Merlin came to EBR in spring of 2011 after a long and loving relationship with his owner that did not include socializing Merlin with the rest of the family. He was placed in an EBR foster home for 1 week before his foster dad said he could not handle him and so Merlin lost his 2nd home within 2 weeks. Merlin was placed with a more experienced foster parent who gave him the time and space to adjust to his new surroundings before asking anything of him.



Initially Merlin was labeled a “man’s” bird only, but over the course of the past 8 months his only caregiver has been female and he responds to her with cuddles and love. He frequently comes up for pets and kisses but on his terms. He is full of energy, loves to dance, play on the floor, call the kitty and has added several new phrases to his vocabulary in the last month. He is especially happy to be the center of attention and loves to entertain.




Merlin needs a forever home with loving parents that have patience to let him get to know them at his own pace and are willing to gain his trust slowly. His previous owner rescued him from an abusive home and he bears the scars to remind us every day that his life has not always been the best. Given the opportunity Merlin will make a wonderful and loving companion.


Adoption Fee $350 - We would prefer to adopt Merlin to someone experienced with large birds.


Check out video of Merlin!


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