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Rouex has been adopted!
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Rouex, 6 years old
Rose Breasted Cockatoo


Rouex is a gorgeous 6 year old Rose-Breasted Cockatoo. This stunning bird can be a little timid but he loves the ladies. He will try his best to be near any women in the room. Even being a little shy, Rouex is not known to bite. Rouex is a friendly bird but he wants to get to know you at his own pace. Once he is comfortable with you, he loves to snuggle and play.


Rouex is a good eater but he doesn't always want to eat healthy foods. He loves munching on millet or eating seeds. He will need some encouragement to start enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables. His foster family is slowly helping Rouex learn to enjoy healthier diet.
Rouex loves to have fun shredding toys, playing with a bell and even has a favorite blanket to keep him entertained. He loves music and will dance his little heart out to a good song. Rouex is rather quiet for a cockatoo and he does have a small vocabulary that includes "love you".


Rouex is a sweet bird and will be a wonderful addition to any family. He is looking for a family with plenty of love and attention to give him. Rouex needs a family that can continue teaching him to eat well and will let him become comfortable in his own time. Rouex is sweet & will bring excitement to any home.

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