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Wally has been adopted!
Congratulations on your new home!

Wally, 2 years old
Blue Throated Macaw

Wally is a beautiful 2 year old Blue-Throated Macaw. He is absolutely the sweetest bird and just wants to be loved. Wally loves everybody, children and adults, and he craves your love and attention. He is perfectly happy to be with you and to be included in family activites.


Wally is a very happy and healthy bird. He has a great appetite and enjoys eating a variety of foods. He loves to play and have fun. Wally really loves toys he can tear apart. He's a master at shredding and dismantling his toys. He's good at entertaining himself and will play quietly on his playstand if he is near you. Wally steps-up when asked and even has a few adorable tricks such as a birdy high five.


Wallys foster mom describes him as the perfect bird, always sweet and friendly. Wally is patiently waiting for his perfect family to take him home. He's looking for a quiet family that can spend plenty of quality time with him. A family that will give lots of toys to shred and always include him in activites. Wally loves to be loved and is a perfect angel!

Check out video of Wally!


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