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Congratulations on your new home!!
Wassom, 4 Years old
Grey Cockatiel
Adoption Fee $25

Hi, my name is Wassom and I can’t wait to be your best bird friend.  I love to sit on your shoulder and head and hang out with you while you watch TV or get ready for work/school in the morning.  I’ll let you know when you look great because I’ll whistle at you – even when you’re in the shower.  I love to take showers btw and I’ll sit on the shower rod and preen myself in the steam.  When you come home I’ll help you make dinner (and taste test it for you if you let me) and cuddle with you on the couch.  I’ll be your best friend if you scratch my head.

I love your friends too!  I waste no time getting to know them by flying and sitting on their heads! If they stick around long enough I’ll even let them pet me.


My favorite food is millet and it’s an easy way to get me back in my cage when you’re leaving for the day. I love to be outside my cage and hanging out with people.  I’m learning to get along with small dogs so if you have one of those I can be their friend too. 

I’d love to meet you! 

Adoption Fee $25

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