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Willy, 60 years old
Mealy Amazon
Adoption fee $300.00


Willy is the perfect bird according to his foster family. He is a beautiful big 61 year young Mealy Amazon with the best personality. Mealys are known as the gentle giants of the Amazons and make a wonderful pet. He would be great in a business hanging out all day and going home at night with his owner as he is so quiet and doesn’t require a lot of attention. The only time he may get loud is as he is acclimating into a new home or when it is dance time and the music is going. He vocalizes along with the music making sweet chirps and whistles and swaying back and forth. As guests visit his foster home he greets them with wolf whistles expressing his excitement to see them.  He isn’t a bird who likes to cuddle or needs a lot of attention. He is happiest sitting on top of his cage watching everything going on around him or he loves to hang out on your lap and shred his “Willy” towel for hours.


Willy doesn’t know how to step up but will allow you to get him off his cage with a bit of grumbling. He can softly beak your hand but it is to let you know he doesn’t want to be picked up or he doesn’t want to be pet. Sometimes he will bow his head for a “scritch” on his terms and will screech with joy when scratched behind the neck. He hasn’t flown in his foster home but will flap his wings when held for some exercise.

He loves his time in the outside cage getting misted and will spread open his wings for maximum exposure. Willy needs to be bathed at least once a week.

He is a great eater and will eat almost anything at times making a huge mess of his face. He loves to soak his seeds in his water to soften the outside so his water must be changed often. He is not a messy bird and is actually the cleanest of all the birds in his foster home.


He is not bothered by other birds as his foster home has three and has actually made friends with a Goffins Cockatoo who he vocalizes to. They will hang out on the towel together shredding away. He doesn’t really play with toys although he has several in his cage as his foster family is hoping he will see the other birds playing and realize it is a fun activity.

Health wise he is doing great for his age according to the vet. He is blind in his left eye from an accident but has good sight in his right eye. He has a bit of arthritis in his feet but that doesn’t stop him from climbing around his cage and he is receiving a supplement in his food that is helping with the stiffness. The vet said he is doing so well he only needs his routine checkup.

Willy is an awesome bird who would make a great addition to any home.








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