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8 year old
Red Bellied Parrot
Adoption Fee $225


What a sweetie this bird is:  Maliko came to me as a little ball of a plucked birdie with a few spots of new fluff here and their, having only four tail feather and a very few flight feathers.  He was very stressed and nervous at first, plucking through his skin.  A trip to the vet and a few suggestions followed and I have a happier little guy that is in the process of growing feathers. 


Maliko takes one drop of Rescue Remedy daily, I just add the drop to a small amount of food, usually birdie bread and he eats it right up and then I add the main meal for him.  He is a super good eater and I have him on Harrison’s Adult Fine pellets, some seeds and kitchen goodies. 





I call him a male; that is what I was told but have no records of testing being done. 


Maliko knows step up and comes right to almost anyone.  He is very nervous as he is moved and flaps his wings a lot trying to keep his balance.  He can’t fly at this time as in the 1st week of adjustment he ripped the remaining flight feathers out.  I am so looking forward to having those feathers grow back in along with his tail feathers.  He has the most beautiful head of shinning grey and will be a real striking little guy when his feathers all grow in.


Maliko is a talker, very soft and very quick.  I often hear him saying “Answer me!”  It is so, so cute! I try to reply “answer what?”  He has many things that he says but I have only been able to make out a word or here and there.


He likes to spend 15 or 20 minutes a day on top of his cage daily and just returns on his own. I provide him with many toys and things he can rip apart if he chooses; I believe this along with the diet has helped the “do not pluck”.


In this foster home he is with three other birds and two dogs which are no problem for him.


When taking photos of birds out of doors precautions need to be taken to ensure they do not fly away.  Even birds whose wings are trimmed can take flight.

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