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We often get requests from persons wanting to volunteer with our organization. Because we don't operate a facility, finding a niche for a volunteer can be difficult but here are some of the things we may call on a volunteer to do:

Make photocopies, staple, sort and fold

Staff or assist at a booth at an event

Help clean cages/ supplies in a foster home

Organize/ Clean the storage unit

Deliver food or supplies to a foster home

Help with grooming/bathing

Make toys or perches for rescue birds

Repair playstands/ cages

Prepare mailings, books, brochures

Set-up/ Clean-up at events

Photograph birds/ events

Distribute flyers and information in communities

Call persons on phone list

Mix and package food for distribution to foster homes

Set up cages for new birds coming in

Send thank you notes and receipts

To volunteer you must be 14 years of age or older or accompanied by a parent. In very few cases do volunteers deal hands-on with the birds. Working with the birds is typically a job reserved for the trained foster homes. Contact us if you have further questions or to get your name on a list as an available volunteer. Click on the link below to connect to our contact information.

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