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Petie, Indian Ringneck
Adoption Fee $125


Petie is an older bird and don't know his exact age. His owner passed away leaving Petie and a few flock mates to fend for themselves. Petie came to EBR with no feathers around his eyes or beak. We believe he rubbed the feathers off while attempting to get out of his cage while no one was caring for him. Since joining his foster home with EBR his feathers have grown back in nicely.


Petie is a little shy and not very hand tame but his foster mom believes he can be with a little time and patience. He is a fantastic eater and loves a mash made of fruit and veggies. He is a very energetic bird and has a sweet voice. He likes to say "want to come out" and gets along well with the other birds in his foster home.


Petie would love to find a home with the time to get to know him and his wonderful personality. His perfect home needs to have some time and patience to work with him that hands are good. Petie would also love a family that can accept him for the sweet and beautiful bird he is.
Adoption Fee $125


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