Meet Gypsydoodle & Skipperdoodle

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Congratulations Skipper & Gypsy!!
Their owner found them a loving new home!
Skipperdoodle, Blue Fronted Amazon
Gypsydoodle, Blue fronted Amazon


Say hello to Gypsydoodle and Skipperdoodle, Gyspy and Skipper for short. These two beautiful birds are looking for a loving new home together that can offer them lots of love and attention.
Skipper and Gypsy are a bonded pair and want to stay together. Skipper can be rather protective of Gypsy but with some training and behavior modification this should not be a problem.

Gypsydoodle is a silly girl and loves to make funny noises. She even cries like a baby. Gypsy plucked many years ago but has not been seen plucking in recent years. It is possible she may never become fully feathered, but she's still beautiful.
Skipper loves to chatter and is happy making a variety of entertaining noises. Skipperdoodle also loves ladies, especially pretty girls. He often will chatter or speak in a ladies voice and even meows.
These two beautiful birds are looking for the perfect home. A family that has the time and patience to work with them. Skipper and Gypsy perfect home can provide plenty of quality attention and love.


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