Meet Baby (Citron)

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Baby, 30 years old
Citron Cockatoo
Adoption Fee $500


Say hello to Baby, a beautiful 30 year old Citron Cockatoo. She tends to like men better than women but does allow women to handle and giver her affection (especially when a man is not available). She loves attention and wants nothing more than to spend time with you. Baby will happily sit on your hand and soak up all the attention you have to offer. She loves to be pet and cuddle close to your chest.


Baby is quiet for a cockatoo but can be louder in a house with a male to tempt her from another room. She has a good vocabulary of phrases which she uses quite well in context. She will whisper "Baby bird" , "Pretty baby bird" , "go to bed", "you wanna cookie?", and will even say "shut-up" if the house gets too noisy for her. 
Baby is a good eater and enjoys a variety of healthy foods. She is open to trying new foods and eats pellets. Baby can happily keep herself amused chewing up blocks of wood and watching the world go by.


Baby is a beautiful bird. She has a deformed toe that causes her to lose balance on occasion. This can cause her to grab your arm with her beak to keep her balance but has never injured anyone doing so. She can not fly but is no less of a bird for that. Her sweet personality will win your heart and her sweet nature will always bring joy to your home. Baby is waiting for a forever home to love and cuddle with. Consider bringing this sweet bird into your heart and family.
Adoption Fee $500
We would prefer to adopt Baby to a family experienced with large birds or cockatoos.

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When taking photos of birds out of doors precautions need to be taken to ensure they do not fly away.  Even birds whose wings are trimmed can take flight.



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