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Casper, 25 Years Old
Umbrella Cockatoo
Adoption Fee $450


Casper is a wonderful and loving umbrella cockatoo. He is very timid and is especially reluctant with men around his cage.  However, once off his cage he is gentle and loving with men, women and children.

Like most cockatoos Casper loves attention wanting to be held and interacted with as much as you are willing.  He loves showers with his favorite person and if he could, he would sit outside for a spell each day to observe nature and feel the wind in his feathers. A curious and intelligent creature by nature, he can be mischievous and needs to be supervised at all times to avoid damage to your home.  Additionally he needs lots of chewing and foraging activities to keep occupied.

Casper can be very loud but is not overly noisy.  He likes to have his presence be known for a minute or two around midday and right before bedtime. Casper's foster family usually puts him and his flock mates to bed with a dancing and singing routine allowing the birds to get their energy out before bed time.

Casper is a wonderful bird that just wants your love and attention. He is looking for a very special family to become his forever home, this bird is one-of-a-kind.
Adoption Fee $450
We prefer to adopt Casper to someone with large bird experience.


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