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Boo has been adopted!
Congratulations on your new home!
Boo, 8 Years Old
Congo African Grey, Female


Boo has been an awesome friend. She enjoys riding on my shoulder and loves cuddles at night before bed. She has quite a range of words and phrases to say, most appropriate. Boo is a beautiful 8 year old female Congo African Grey. She loves being talked to. Boo is familiar with public transportation and riding in a car, all in her carrier. She likes to sing in the shower, from the comfort of the curtain rod. She's a bit water shy, except when she's taking her own bath. Being a female, she can be a bit turfy. With me she will take my finger with her beak and push it away for quiet time. She cuddles, wrestles and insists at times to nap with me. Boo is a truly wonderful bird and I would encourage you to come meet her.

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