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Chico, 15 years old
Yellow Naped Amazon
Adoption Fee $400
Hi! My name is Chico and I am a yellow-naped Amazon with a heart of gold and eyes that will captivate you. I look great for 16! I have beautiful plumage and am very curious. I am a very shy boy in the beginning and it takes time for me to open up, ask my foster mom! I love to bark like a dog, meow like a cat, and say hello. I always want to know what you are doing and would really love it if you would take me with you whenever you wander around your house.

Some of my favorite foods include almonds in the shell, cashews, and Brazil nuts. I also love shower time but until you know me and I trust you a spray bottle works best. I really love my cage and the toys that are in there so offering me new toys should be done gradually. I go to sleep in my cage without the need of a cover. I love hanging out on my stand when I’m not in my cage, there is a toy on that thing that I just love! Oh and there are bowls for fresh water and treats, mm-mm how I love those treats! I love listening to Pandora and 80's music is my favorite! I love to dance, its fun for me entertaining for my foster family and it is one of the ways I get exercise since my wings are trimmed for my safety.

I am not a chewer but I am very vocal especially in the morning and the evening. I have currently live with two dogs and cats and 2 other parrots. I love my foster family but am looking for my forever home. I need a family that has had large parrot experience. Consider coming to look at me and see if I might fit into your life and your family.

Thank you for reading about me,


Adoption Fee $400
We would prefer to adopt Chico to someone experienced with large birds.








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