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Tiki, 10 years old 
Bare Eyed Cockatoo
Adoption Fee $400


Tiki is a beautiful 10 year old Bare-Eyed Cockatoo. She is such a sweet  and silly bird. Tiki is still getting to know her foster family and is gaining confidence by the day. Tiki loves to sit on your shoulder and just enjoys being with you. She loves to cuddle her head in you hands and likes to act silly. Her personality is just a joy to be around.


She is a fussy eater and knows what she likes. Tiki loves seeds and nuts but doesn't care for the healthier stuff. With a little patience, we are confident she will learn to enjoy fruit, vegetables and mash.
Tiki's previous home kept her wings clipped in the summer months so she could spend time in the garden. She is now fully flighted and loves flying. Tiki is a good bird and doesn't scream like the Goffins she lives with.

Consider giving this sweet bird a loving forever home.  Tiki a sweet bird and will make a fun and wonderful addition to you family.
Adoption Fee $400

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