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Meet Pookie, a sweet & beautiful 14 year old Dove. Pookie is a very social bird and loves attention. He has always been an active bird until a tragic accident last fall. His owner had to leave home for a year to work out of state and left Pookie in the care of another person. Sadly, Pookies owner returned to find that this sweet bird had been severely crippled in an accident. Pookie was left with a broken hip and knee that froze into a straightened position. Pookie has a hard time walking and is not as active as he once was. He was treated by a vet with antibiotics and pain medication. Pookie is getting stronger everyday and is standing better on his legs. Despite his handicaps, Pookie has a great attitude and a strong desire to get better.

Pookie's owner needs to move out of state for work and doesn't feel that Pookie is up to the challenge of relocating to another state. Pookie needs a loving home that can help him overcome his handicaps and get better. Pookie may require ongoing veterinary care and medication to keep him healthy and happy. He grooms himself well but Pookie dips his tail feathers in feces when he walks and needs a little help keeping his vent area clean. This little bird is looking for a loving home that can help him get better and have the happy life he deserves.


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