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Past lost and found listings...

Lost 3-13-13
Lost Cockatiel in Beaverton, OR. Click for details.

Found 2-1-13
Found Cockatiel in the Mill Plain, WA are. Please click for more details.

Found 12-29-12
Parakeet in Tigard,OR. Click for more information.

Lost 12-27-12
Cockatiel "Beaker" lost in Seattle, WA. Flew out from 22nd & Yesler around 12pm. Click for more information.

Lost 12-24-12
Jenday conure "Lolita" lost near 73rd Ave in Hillsboro, OR. Please contact Christina at 503-707-9281 if you have any information.

Lost 12-18-2012
Green Cheek Conure "Gandalf" in Kingsgate, Washington. Click for more details.

Lost 12-5-12
Conure in Portland, Oregon. Click
for more details.
Lost 12-01-12
African Grey "Boo" was lost in Camas, Livingston Mountain area on 07-21-12. Borders Camas/Vancouver area in Washington. Boo was lost back in July but his family is still looking for him and holding out hope that he will return. Please contact Sondra at or 360 954-5330 if you have seen Boo.

Lost 11-20-2012
Lost Cockatiel "Snickers" in Seattle Washington. Click for more details.

Found 09-12-12
Found Cockatiel in the middle of September near 181st & Powell area.Tame and steps up. Quite the little singer / whistler. Please contact EBR with description.

Lost 9-22-12
Male Eclectus parrot "Lucky" in Forest Heights, OR area. Call 503-575-6565 or click on the flyer.


Lost 9-15-12
Conure in Olumpia/Lacey WA Bigelow Park area. Please
call 360-338-0486 if you have information.

Lost Posted 9-13-12
Lost Amazon parrot in the Washougal WA. Click for more details.

Lost 9-1-12
Yellow Cockatiel in Oregon City of Redland Road. Please contact Pam 503-631-2204.

Lost Posted 8-31-12
8/31/12 Scarlet Macaw in Boeing Field area, Museum of Flight, West Seattle WA. Contact (206) 767-6672 if you have any information.

Lost Posted 8-25-12
Lost Quaker Parrot in Vancouver WA.
Click for details.

Found Posted 8-30-12
Cockatiel found Portland, Or area. Click

Bird Sighting Posted 8-23-12
8-23-12 The bird was flyiing around the diana ponds between the 1200 and 1400 N Park Ave. The bird is similar to a pet Hawk reported missing by a women searching in that area.

Lost Posted 8-20-12
Cockatiel named "Henry" in the Redmond, WA area.
Click for details

Found Posted 8-16-12
Parakeet in the Aloha Beaverton area. Please contact

Found Posted 8-16-12
8-16-12 Parakeet in the Hillsboro, OR area.
Click for details.

Lost Posted 8-15-12
8-15-12 Blue-Crowned Conure Mija. Mija was lost near the Fairgrounds in Eugene, but may have been sighted recently at places such as 24th & Polk and Laurelwood Golf Course. She loves fruit and may be raiding trees or orchards. She is very hard to see in a tree, but may be easily heard vocalizing. She was rehomed with us recently and we don't know her full repertoire, but she has been known to imitate cats and human laughter. Her usual call is a loud "GRIKKIT! GRIKKIT!" She doesn't like hands very much but enjoyed shoulder-riding, sitting on computers, and watching everything we did. She has a great interest in human food. She is fully flighted, and neither banded nor microchipped (we didn't have time to have it done!) We miss her terribly and are very worried. If you have any information about Mija please email or or email us at .

Lost Posted 8/15/12
Quaker Parrot in the Beaverton, OR area.
Click for details.

Lost Posted 8-10-12
Cockatiel named "Baby" in Mountlake Terrace, WA area
Click for details.

Found Posted 08/07/2012
Cockatiel found in Beaverton, OR
Click for details.

Found Posted 08-04-12
Indian Ringneck found near Renton WA
Click for details.

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