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Merlin, Senegal
Adoption Fee $275

Merlin is a very pretty little Senegal parrot ripe for a good loving home.  He is such a sweet bird and has not shown aggression in his single parent home.  He is being fostered by a woman so he is not currently with a man for us to know what he thinks of them.  One of the benefits of a small parrot like Merlin is his chatter.  Merlin can say "Hello or Hi Merlin", Good morning Merlin", he can whistle, growl, and he loves laughing along with his favorite human.


Merlin is a sweet and fun little bird whose personality can't be described until you've met him.  His sweet demeanor will cheer up your day and he will love being the recipient of your cuddles at night.  Adopt him soon before his foster mom decides to keep him, he is a bird not to be overlooked.

When taking photos of birds out of doors precautions need to be taken to ensure they do not fly away.  Even birds whose wings are trimmed can take flight.


In Merlin's foster home there are four dogs that he enjoys watching over during the day.  He spends most of his time out of the cage on a favorite play stand chewing on balsa wood and other fun toys.  He is a great companion and loves watching his foster mom's every move as she does the dishes, makes coffee and cleans house.  Sometimes when his foster mom leaves he will call for her but only for a short time, calming down after a little while. Merlin enjoys a regular bath and is a great eater. 






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