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Mission Statement

The mission of EBR is provide a safe haven for birds in need and to seek proper placement of them through  a variety of proven rescue models.
Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is dedicated to providing ongoing information and education in the best practices of proper avian care and behavioral training to current and potential exotic bird owners.

Thank you for your patience when contacting EBR!

Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is run entirely by volunteers. Phone calls and emails are answered by volunteers and all communications are answered as quickly as possible.


*due to the summer season our volunteers are scheduling vacations so our schedule may change and to watch
for the changes.*


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 If you wish to take a class, please call 541.461.4333 or email to register for classes.

Donations Needed  

Tax Deductible Donations

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon. We gladly accept Cash and Non-Cash donations. Your donation will help cover medical expenses and food for birds coming into rescue. Often owners have not able to provide proper vet care for their companion birds and many come in with health issues which require immediate attention.


Exotic Bird Rescue, PO Box 14863, Portland, OR 97293.

 Please call 541-461-4333 with questions.

If you are interested in having EBR come to your location or lead a toy making class.  Please feel free to contact us at


Donations Needed!
These are examples of what your donations help us accomplish!
please donate what you can.




Found: green Quaker parrot
near 181st & Powell, Gresham Or.
If you believe this is your bird please contact

Amanda Bennett




Found 07/20/2015
Found sweet little Goffins Cockatoo near 34th and Olympic St in Hillsboro. Email if you are missing this little guy.

Found: Yellow and red lovebird
NW Portland
This afternoon, a slightly injured yellow lovebird was found in Northwest Portland at the intersection of NW Cumberland and Westover Rd.
It was taken to Dove Lewis emergency hospital. They posted an ad and the photo looks slightly different. They said the sex is not known and it is about a year old.

Lost African Grey Congo
Rockaway Beach, OR
Time of day was about 2 pm, and I’m on N. 6th in Rockaway Beach.  I’ve got her on phone poles, at the police station, vet’s, this week I’m running an ad in the little newspaper that’s delivered to 27,000 residents up and down the coast.  I’ve had her for 10 years so I’m hurting. 


lost Green Cheek Conure

Hello my name is Patrick Jones I lost my 3 year old Green Cheek Conure parrot at 3940 Cherokee drive Springfield Oregon

His name is Bud

This happened Tuesday June 30th





Found Cocktiel
Sunday, May 24 in Wilsonville, OR
Contact Kris Linebaugh

Lost Green Cheek Conure

Oregon St is just a block off NE 102nd between Glisan St and Halsey st. Portland Oregon 2-17-2015

I am offering a reward. Please call or e mail if you see him. He is 15 yrs old. In good health but has had kidney problems in the past.




Do you have a First Aid Kit for your bird? Click on the picture to get one!



Shop for Your Cause is a unique way to SHOP AND INFLUENCE the world around us, the premise is simple: CHOOSE YOUR CAUSE, shop the same as you normally would and WE DONATE A PERCENTAGE of the purchase to your cause. Pretty cool huh? It is like directing your taxes where you want them to go.

Starting January 1st, They also have a voting challenge where if enough people vote for us we will win money to help the birds. please take a moment to give us a hand by clicking and shopping.


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