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We are in serious need of volunteers and foster homes.
please let us know if you can help!!!

Welcome to Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of EBR is to provide a safe haven for birds in need, And to seek proper placement of them through a variety of proven rescue models. Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is dedicated to providing ongoing information, and education in the best practices of proper avian care and behavioral training to current and potential exotic bird owners.



EBR is helping collect donations to save a bird's life & we need your help now! Please help us raise $2000 to provide a life-saving surgery for this Jenday
Conure named Norbert. We need donations quickly because time is running
out to save him. You can make an easy quick tax-deductible donation of any
amount thru the link above at EBR's secure paypal.

Click here to find Norbert's facebook page: To stay updated on how Norbert is doing, how much has been raised, see pics & read funny bird stories, share
your funny bird stories, & find out about other local fundraising events for
Norbert, thru this link for the Save Norbert Official Facebook page! Please
click "like" also to post your own well-wishes & comments. They'll also post
thank you's to those who donate, or give a free plug & post link to any bird
related business who donates at least $20 or more on this facebook page too! So its some good additional
advertising for your business to contribute to this important cause), & provide other important info. 

Feathered friend of the week.

Don't want to donate money?
Check out our wish list to see what items the rescue could use!

Wish List

Shop to Help!
Just by clicking on one of our links on our Shop to Help page to do your regular online shopping, you can help Exotic Bird Rescue earn a percentage of what you spend!

Shop to Help

Have you lost or found a bird?
Lost or found a bird?  Find out information on what you can do to try to help get your lost bird back as well as fill out a lost/ found bird report here and send it to the post office box at the top of the form for a free listing on our website.  Found a bird?  You also can fill out the form and have the bird listed for a chance of having it reunited with its owner.  Click on the link below to go to our lost and found page.

Lost and Found Program


Foster homes needed!
Because we currently handle rescues over a large portion of Oregon, we are desperately in need of foster homes. If you would like to become a foster home please call 541-461-4333 for more information.

Foster Home Program


Become a Member today!

Your membership helps support our birds in foster care with food, toys, medical care and cages. Click on our Membership link below for more information or on the Contact Us link below for contact information.

Membership Page

Contact Us Page


Thank you for your patience
when contacting EBR

Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon is run entirely by volunteers. Phone calls and emails are answered by volunteers and all communications are answered as quickly as possible.

Donations needed!

Tax Deductible Donations

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon. We gladly accept Cash and Non-Cash donations. Your donation will help cover medical expenses and food for birds coming into rescue. Often owners have not able to provide proper vet care for their companion birds and many come in with health issues which require immediate attention.
Exotic Bird Rescue, PO Box 14863, Portland, OR 9293. Please call 541-461-4333 with questions.

Donate to this organization through Drs. Foster and Smith
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We have moved!

Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon

New PO Address:

PO Box 14863

Portland, OR 97293

If you are in the Portland area and wish to become a foster home, please contact us.

Watch our website for updates!

Classes scheduled!
Check calendar for time and date

The Portland area Bird Care Class is held the 3rd Sunday of every other month.  Check our calendar for Time and Location.

Tigard area Bird Care Classes will be held the 1st Saturday of every month. Check our calendar for Time and Location.

If you wish to take a class, please call 541.461.4333 or email to register for classes.

Calendar of Events

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