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It is part of our policies to promote the conservation of species in their native habitats through support of the work of organizations such as the World Parrot Trust, the Indonesian Parrot Project's Project Bird Watch and other conservation efforts aimed at ending the trapping and importation of these parrot species in their native habitats throughout the world as well as those organizations working to stop destruction of their native habitat. 

It is also our goal, that when we deem necessary, certain severely endangered species of parrots entering our organization may be entered into a reputable breeding program in hopes of preserving that species for future generations and with the goal of possible reintroduction of offspring into their native habitat. 

Although our finances don’t allow us to direct contributions to these worthy efforts at this time, we hope to be able to offer them more support in the future.  We encourage you to check out some of these websites for more information on how you can contribute to conservation efforts.

Conservation Links 

CITES- Endangered species lists

Indonesian Parrot Project/ Project Bird Watch

World Parrot Trust

Animal Protection Institute/ The More Beautiful Wild Campaign

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