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Amazon Parrots- Joanie Doss

Avian Network

Birds n' Ways

Bobbi Brinker's Parrot Talk

Cockatoos - CKC Birds

Cockatoos - Cockatoo Heaven

Cockatoos - TooLand

Cockatoos - My Toos

Eclectus - Land of Vos

Hotspot: good infomational site

The Pet Bird Page

The Parrot Pages

Lost & Found:

Missing Pet Network Directory

Bird Hotline- Worldwide Lost and Found

Health & Safety:


Holistic Bird

Avian Medical Center

Material Safety Data Sheets

Exotic Pet Vet Net

Association of Avian Veterinarians

Parrot Parrot Health Alerts

American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

Conservation & Protection:

Indonesian Parrot Project

CITES- endangered species

More Beautiful Wild Campaign/ Animal Protection Institute

American Federation of Aviculture

The World Parrot Trust

Earthwatch- Avian Research Projects

Avian Welfare Coalition

Training & Behavior:

Learning and Living with Parrots (LLP)

Bird Training Blog- Dr. Susan Friedman PhD.

Clicking With Birds- Website and discussion list

Natural Encounters, Inc.

Avi-Train Productions- Clicker Training

Clicker Training- "Don't Shoot the Dog" book

Writings of Susan Friedman, Ph.D.


International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Parrot Food:

Harrison's Bird Food

Scenic Bird Food

Zupreem Bird Food

Pretty Bird Bird Foods

Lafeber Bird Foods

Hagen Bird Food

Roudybush Bird Food

West Coast Seed and Supply Wholesale

Email Us!

Shopping - Local:

BiZee Bird Store

The Parrot Perch

Shopping - Online:

Acrylic Bird Cages

Batz USA

Quality Cage Company

The Birdbrain

Rose's Pet Emporium

Byrdbell Company

The Laughing Parrot

Nalani Toys

Bird Paradise

Discount Bird Toys

Spoiled Bird Toys

Drs. Fosters and Smith

Bird gifts for humans:

Bird Jewelry by Dawn

Cynthia Kulp- Parrot Oil Paintings

The Beak Boutique

Brotogeris Society International

Bird Societies & Clubs:

American Dove Association

Parrot Fancier's Club

African Lovebird Society

The American Budgerigar Society

The American Cockatiel Society

North American Cockatiel Society

African Parrot Society

Budgerigar Association of America

National Cockatiel Society

North American Parrot Society, Inc.

International Conure Association

The International Parrotlet Society

Quaker Parakeet Society

International Canary and Finch Society

All Species Parrot Club

National Finch and Softbill Society


The Alex Foundation

Pionus Research Foundation


Petfinder Adoptable Pet Listing


Echo's Haven

Parrot Peak Preserve

Magazines & Books:

Lexicon of Parrots

Parrots Magazine

Good Bird!- Magazine and Book

Bird Talk Magazine


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