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Free Lost and Found listings on the web.  Ads are placed in chronological order with the most recent ones listed at the top. Ads are deleted after a period of time.  Fill out lost and found form below and mail in to the post office box at the top of the form or email all information from the form throught the link below. Here's to hoping this page is always empty!

EBR has a number of found birds. Please email us or call us to see if we may have your bird. Click on the link below to be connected to the Contact Us page.

Link to the Contact Us Page for our contact information!

Click here to download the Lost and Found Form

Email Us!


Web sites listing lost and found parrots!

Posted 06/13/2012-Congo African Grey
We Lost our Congo African Grey Parrot at 7 pm on Wednesday night near Maple ELementary in Springfield. Baby, is a very friendly, happy, talkative grey. If you see her Call Carolyn 541-223-1335 Or call Charles at 541-514-9131 and we will come try to catch her right away. REWARD!!!
Posted 06-12-12-African Grey
African Grey - lost - Portland Or. full report details:
Posted March 29th, 2012
LOST!!! Lilac Crown Amazon named Henry Ford. Lost on March 5th around 10am. He flew away near Jessen St in Eugene Oregon. If you have any information about Henry Ford please email or call us.Thank you!


11/16/2011, Lester, my cockatiel, flew out the front door. He's a very special cockatiel, very people oriented, he thinks he's human. If you have run into him, he most likely landed on top of your head. He chirps a lot and LOVES to sing the Andy Griffith song although it's bits and pieces of it. If you have seen him or might have him, please call me 253-653-1532 - Kevin

Snoqualmie Washington area
Rico escaped on 11/14/11
He is an African Grey Parrot. Rico does talk and he flew out the door and our 5 year old didn't know what to do. We have been searching for him but are afraid that he is dead because of the cold and wet weather. The only hope we have is if someone close to the Casino area found him and saved him. He is a sweetheart and we just feel terrible. He has never even attempted to go outside or fly away.
Please call Bob at 425-766-4955 if you have seen or found Rico.

09/30/2011Tweet who flew out of the house last Friday, September 30th. We were able to track him for 2 days then lost any sound or visual. He was last spotted in the Harlow Road area in Eugene.Tweet is a 4 year old male Pacific Blue. any info please contact

posted 09/29/2011
Senegal Parrot lost last Thursday or Friday in the 3500 block of NE Cleveland , Portland, Or
Tame, talks and is green with yellow chest.
Call: Milo at 520.270.7819


Posted 09/26/2011
Lost Lovebird found around the Mt. Tabor area. contact us for more info.

08/29/2011 My Cockatiel flew out our back door yesterday 08-29-11 @ 3:00 p.m. We have searched all over the neighborhood since then many times but to no avail. We live in Eugene Oregon off of West 18th and Britney Street near Bailey Hill Road. She is a female Cockatiel and her name is Maureen, she is one year old, very sweet and tame. She is a grey bodied cockatiel with yellow spots on her wings and she has a yellow face with orange cheeks. She likes to wistle and enjoys being wistled to. We are very concerned for her health and over all well being. If you see her or find her please contact us @ or call 541-505-7120 and ask for Asher. Thank you!!

01/18/2010 LOST Cockatiel. January 18, 2010, Eugene area, yellow and white with orange cheeks, 11 months old. His name is Frankie and he loves to sing the "Kill Bill" theme song. Please contact Jann Gorrin at 541.484.4432 home or 541.485.2711 work.

03/25/2009 LOST Double Yellow Head Amazon, March 25, 2009, Bainbridge Island, WA, can say many words including names of the children in the household- Tara and Alec. Please contact Charles Griffith at 206-266-4511 or 206-859-0633

Things to try if you lose or catch sight of a bird:

1. Put the bird's cage or a familiar item outside where the bird can see it. Put a treat or favorite toy nearby so the bird may have incentive to come down. Remember this is a foreign environment and your bird may be disoriented and scared.

2. If your bird has a buddy, place that bird outside (safely locked in its cage). This may also be incentive for your bird to come down.

3. If your bird has a favorite song or a toy that makes noise, play away. Maybe your bird will want to come down and join you.

4. If you can see your bird, call a local tree climber who may be able to assist you in getting your bird down. If you have lost sight of your bird, place an ad in the paper, post fliers and post an ad with your local parrot rescue organization.

5. If you get your bird back, take it immediately to your vet or qualified avian groomer to have its wings safely trimmed. You can also harness train your bird. Having your bird microchipped by your avian veterinarian may help find its rightful owners in the event it falls into someone else's hands.

What to do if you find an injured, sick or lost, domesticated or native bird:

Exotic Bird Rescue does not rescue native (hawks, sparrows, etc.) or domesticated (emus, peacocks, ducks, etc.) birds. If you have found an injured, sick or lost native or domesticated bird, please try one or more of the following (you may also call EBR for a referral):

Wildlife Home Care Network
Eugene and surrounding areas
(541) 935-4208 or (541) 342-0099 pager

Cascades Raptor Center
Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 485-1320

Contact your local Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Contact your local Animal Regulation or Humane Society.

If not local, search online for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups in your area.


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