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Our temporary foster home program is currently accepting intakes on a space availability basis with priority given to intakes looking for "permanent" placement with our organization.  Please contact us to have your name put on our list and we will call you as space becomes available.

Click here to download the Temporary Foster Home Care Application

Our temporary foster home program is available to persons unable to keep their birds for a period of time due to hardship. Our philosophy is that keeping the bird in its original home is preferable in most cases but realize that situations sometimes do not permit this. This program provides a safety net so that the bird has a place to stay and can later return home. The bird is placed in one of our trained foster homes on a space available basis for the duration of the agreement.

The requirements to utilize this program are:

A recent veterinary exam (within last three months) for the bird entering the program consisting of a physical and fecal gramstain by an avian veterinarian preferably a member of the AAV or giving permission to the rescue to perform such a veterinary exam and agreement to reimburse the rescue for such expense before taking possession of the bird at the end of temporary placement.

Giving permission to the rescue to perform such veterinary care that may become necessary in our opinion and agreement to reimburse the rescue for such expense before taking possession of the bird at the end of temporary placement.

The ability to visit your bird in the foster home on a weekly basis to maintain the parrot/person bond (exception would be if the care is a result of distance).

The ability to provide reliable contact information to the rescue as to how to reach you.

The ability to provide food, toys, caging, perches and necessary supplies as needed or to reimburse rescue before taking possession of bird at end of temporary placement.

Acceptance that Exotic Bird Rescue will not adhere to any care instructions that are contrary to our teachings in our bird care class or any practices/routines that we deem to be harmful to your bird or other birds/persons in the household. If your bird is fully flighted its wing feathers will be clipped.

Signing a temporary foster care agreement.

A charitable donation would be welcome.

Realization that we do not provide care for regular business trips or regular vacations or other similar trips that are short-term in duration.

Please realize that if your bird is not picked up by the date set on the agreement, or the amount owed rescue if any is not paid by the date of the agreement, your bird becomes the property of Exotic Bird Rescue unless other arrangements are made prior to this date.

Contact us for more information. Connect to the Contact Us page by clicking on the link below.

Click here to go to the Contact Us Page for the phone number of the Temporary Foster Home/ Birdsitting Coordinator.


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